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The ESL Pathway program is designed for students who aim to achieve a level of English advanced enough to attend and succeed in Canadian post-secondary institutions. This program combines material from Glenn College’s ESL and IELTS Preparation programs while also including material that is designed to help students become confident in undertaking various academic tasks commonly done at post-secondary institutions such as group work and discussions, research skills, comprehending lectures, and more. Students who successfully complete the ESL Pathway program will be eligible to apply to Glenn College’s partner post-secondary institutions without needing to submit an IELTS score for admission. This is an intensive program and students are expected to commit to several hours of study each week.

Topics/Learning Objectives

Upon completing the ESL Pathway program, students should be able to:

  • Obtain an advanced level of English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills equivalent to an IELTS score of at least 6.0 or higher

  • Be competent in academic-related reading tasks commonly used in post-secondary situations such as reading instructions, academic articles, reading tables, diagrams & graphs, and conducting research to find information

  • Show competency in academic-related writing tasks commonly used in post-secondary situations such as organized essay writing, brainstorming, reflective writing, expressing opinions, comparing and contrasting, and note-taking skills

  • Display ability to perform academic-related listening & speaking tasks commonly used in post-secondary situations such as teamwork skills in group discussions and tasks, public speaking skills, understanding and responding to instructions given by instructors, and comprehending academic lectures

  • Demonstrate competency in specific soft skills including casual conversation skills, intercultural communication, and awareness of cultural sensitivity-both in academic and workplace settings

  • Utilize a variety of strategies for taking exams

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Program Outline

The ESL Pathway program consists of 3 courses with each course lasting 8 weeks. The courses include the following:

Title of Course # of Hours
ESL Pathway 1 240
ESL Pathway 2 240
ESL Pathway 3 240
  • ESL Pathway 1 is the equivalent to Glenn College’s ESL Level 6 course.
  • ESL Pathway 2 is the equivalent to Glenn College’s ESL Level 7 course.
  • ESL Pathway 3 is the equivalent to Glenn College’s ESL Level 8 course.

Students who complete ESL 5 with a minimum overall score of 80% are eligible to enter the ESL Pathway program and proceed to ESL Pathway 1. Students entering Glenn College who have a higher level of English may join the program starting from Pathway 2 or 3 depending on their language proficiency.

Program Materials

The source material for the ESL Pathway program will come from a variety of texts depending on the course level. All material for this program is specifically designed with purchased supporting material and will be provided by Glenn College. Each student will be provided with a binder that contains material for their respective ESL Pathway levels.

Distance students will also be provided with similar course material through the school’s website portal and/or through email.

Evaluation, Delivery & Teaching Methods

Methods of Evaluation

Students in each level will be evaluated in the following ways:

  1. Weekly speaking assignments
  2. Weekly written assignments including essays
  3. Weekly reading assignments
  4. Weekly listening assignments
  5. Weekly tests for reading, writing, listening & speaking assessment
  6. Attendance will be recorded and added to the weekly assessment and assignment totals for a weekly mark on individual progress sheets

Delivery Method
Students have the option of taking this course in-class or online. Students doing distance-based studies will have access to live-streamed videos on Glenn College’s online portal and will also participate in speaking-based lessons using Zoom. During
live-streamed video lessons, students may type out any questions they have for the instructors as well as respond to in-class questions and receive feedback from the instructor in real time. Students will submit their oral and written assignments and
assessments through Glenn College’s online portal and will receive feedback from instructors once their submissions are marked.

Teaching Method
Both distance and in-class courses will be taught through a lecture format.

Program and Homework Duration

  • Total Program hours: 720 hours over 6 months (24 weeks)
  • Homework hours per week:
    • 10-15 hours (in-person classes)
    • 15-20 hours (distance classes)

Admissions Requirements

  • Completion of Glenn College’s ESL Level 5 course with a minimum course grade of 80% (for entry into ESL Pathway 1)

  • Glenn College’s Placement Test indicating a minimum of ESL Level 6 (for ESL Pathway 1), ESL Level 7 (for ESL Pathway 2), or ESL Level 8 (for ESL Pathway 3)

  • An IELTS score of at least 4.5 (for ESL Pathway 1), 5.0 (for ESL Pathway 2), or 5.5 (for ESL Pathway 3)

  • A TOEFL iBT score of at least 32 (for ESL Pathway 1), 35 (for ESL Pathway 2), or 46 (for ESL Pathway 3)

  • A TOEIC score of at least 345 (for ESL Pathway 1), 365 (for ESL Pathway 2), or 450 (for ESL Pathway 3)

Graduation and Accreditation Requirements

  • Graduation
    For successful completion of this program, students must achieve an overall minimum mark of 70% throughout the program with a minimum of 70% attendance. Their course marks will be an accumulation of written assignments, oral presentations, attendance and participation.
    In order for students to advance to the next ESL Pathway course level, they must receive a score of 80% with a requirement of 70% attendance.
  • Accreditation
    Upon completion of the ESL Pathway program, students will receive a program certificate. In addition, students will be eligible to apply to any one of Glenn College’s partner post-secondary institutions without the need to provide an IELTS test score.