Business Translation

(Advanced – ITT Level 1,2)

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10 weeks | 240 hours

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This program includes a variety of articles and texts common in the workplace or business setting. Each of the modules explores four types of business English articles, covering a range of vocabulary, grammar structures, phrases, and idioms. The video lectures are meant to check understanding and guide students through how to decipher the article step by step into a comprehensible whole.

In addition, English to Korean translation articles focus on the ability to transfer the meaning of the original text, while maintaining fluidity and flow.

Korean to English sentence and paragraph translation exercises target grammar understanding and accuracy, along with structuring and knowledge on how to efficiently begin translating an extract. Exposure to common business writing styles and structures will familiarize students in order to develop the ability to determine awkward and unnatural vocabulary and grammar.

Topics/Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Be familiar with vocabulary, phrase verb, and structure of business related
  2. Be able to understand different style, tone and cultural elements of business
    articles accurately from one language to another.
  3. Improve a great attention to details, grammar sticklers, and punctuation
    pedants thrive in the industry.
  4. Achieve advanced translation skills which will lead to higher score for
    certification for advanced level from the government recognized ITT company
    for translation.

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Program Outline

Students must complete all of:

Title of Course # of Hours
English to Korean News Article Translation 40
English to Korean Business Passage Translation 40
English to Korean Broadcast/Media Translation 40
English to Korean ITT Translation Test Preparation 42
Korean to English Sentence Translation 26
Korean to English Passage Translation 26
Korean to English Useful/Phrasal Verbs Translation 26

Required Program Materials

Required course textbooks:

  • English to Korean Translation Textbook (Module 1 – Module 6)
    Created by Glenn College
    Resources : BBC, ITT Textbook, TED
  • Korean to English Translation Textbook (Module 1 – Module 6)
    Created by Glenn College
    Resources : BBC, ITT Textbook, TED

Methods of Evaluation

  1. Individual assignments
  2. Midterm Test (Module 1-3)
  3. Final Test (Module 4-6)
  4. Final Translation Test conducted by ITT company

Delivery Method
– Distance learning, Online class

Program and Homework Duration

  • Total program hours:
    Lesson + Midterm test + Final Test + ITT Translation Test = 240 hours over 8 weeks
  • Homework hours per week: 6 – 10 hours

Admissions Requirements

  • Proof of English proficiency through one of the following:

    1. Native speakers of English : Completion of high school
    2. International Students : One of the following :

     a) Pass Glenn College’s Free Online English Test (over 70%)
     b) Completion of an oral exam conducted at GC itself with a score of at least 5 (out of 5) or above
     c) An IELTS score of at least 5.5
     d) A TOEFL score of at least 30 or iBT score of at least 65 or above or
     f) A TOEIC score of 600 or above

Graduation and Accreditation Requirements

  • Graduation
    For successful completion, the overall mark (accumulation of homework completion and test/assessment performance) must be a minimum of 70%.
  • Accreditation
    Upon successful completion of the full course, the students will be able to take ITT Translation test. According to the score of the test, the students will receive certification for advanced level 1(above 80%) or 2(above 70%) from the government recognized ITT company for translation in South Korea.